English Bible Study for women


Which lady is on fire to learn more about “James” and what it tells us about our faith?

Our Study:

From Beth Moore is called, “Mercy tri­umphs”  she helps us explore such con­cepts as joy, hard­ship, faith, wis­dom, single-mindness, the tongue humil­ity, prayer and more. Along with a DvD to watch, we will study  over 14 weeks every week.


The day is not set up, so if you have a request, let me know. We pre­fer to meet after open­sky  or per­haps wed. after­noons? We are look­ing at alter­na­tives, do to work sched­ules chang­ing. SO, just give us a call or email.


The work­book 25 francs approx­i­mately, per­haps some occa­sional snacks. REGISTER (women only): Write an Email to San­dra Notz 044 700 40 05, english-bible-study@citychurch.ch.

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